All of our ciders are 6% ABV (alcohol by volume.) 

We currently do not sell bottles or cans but do sell 32oz and 64oz growlers to go in our tap room.

Sanity - A sane cider compared to the other crazy flavors!  This semi-sweet cider is your basic apple cider with very little added flavors.  The taste of the apples is all you get!

Tea-Hee - A chamomile flavored tea cider.  Light and refreshing.  Perfect on warm sunny day.

Sock Hop - Made with real hops, not real socks.  Socks are gross.  Why would we put socks in your cider?  That's just crazy.  This cider is made with Citra and Mosaic hops which gives it a fruity, floral taste.  Even if you swear to not like beer and hops, give this one a try.  It will change your mind about hops.  And if you are a beer person, we bet this is going to be your favorite.

Sweet Vanilla- The name says it all.  Apple cider with a sweet kick of vanilla in it to make it smooth and delicious!

Jitter Juice - This cider is cold brewed with dark roast coffee from Stafford Coffee company.

Hot Cock -  Yes, you really should order it by name!  This cider is made with cayenne pepper for a taste of hot goodness.  Don't won't burn your tongue but has a slow heat build that really lives up to its name.

Gingerade - Ginger root and lemon drop hops combine to give you a cider with zing and spice!

Toast - You asked for it is!  Dry and crisp apple cider!

Blooze - A returning favorite, blueberry cider.

Rosie - A cider flavored with Rose Hips giving it a crisp, tart flavor.

Simcoe - Part of our single hop series, Simcoe hops have notes of woodsy earth and citrus. This was a favorite of the single hop series so we are bringing it back!

Pie - This is a limited time seasonal.  A HUGE hit so don't expect it to stay around long.  Vanilla cider with cinnamon for a Pie taste!